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Hey so you guys should go send some questions to my Hawkeye cosplay blog for me to answer because I’m going to be dyeing my hair (probably won’t get around to it until next week so I’ll have plenty of time to answer these if I get any) and I’d like to be Clint at least once before I get rid of the blonde hair.

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Hey there, guys. Just a reminder that I’ve started a Clint Barton cosplay ask blog here. I won’t be able to answer any questions there until this weekend since I’m still on vacation, but I’ll be at McEnchilada's house all weekend, so she'll be answering questions with me as Coulson. So if you've got any questions for Clint, Coulson, or both of them, ask away!

Even if you’re not in this fandom just send me some questions please I’ve only got like three in my inbox right now and it kind of feels like a waste of time to put on all that makeup for three questions.

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I made my own Tesseract. 8D

It’s actually a project I’ve been meaning to complete for a few weeks, but everywhere I went was out of frosted glass spray. In the end, I bought “Crystal Ice effect” spray, which I ended up loving anyway.

I followed a tutorial from Youtube (I can’t be bothered to find it right now, sorry. Just Google it. XD)

It doesn’t photograph very well, but in person it looks really great. I’m so proud of it. XD

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So, I went upstairs to make some tea, and when I walk into the kitchen I see that my sister has done THIS.

I… I don’t know what to say. XD


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[Submitted by: John Williams

No one is to ask Ms. Wanda Maximoff to go along with them to a casino to improve their chances of winning, or to improve their chances of “picking up” someone. Anyone not adhering to this request will be assigned to catalogue Dr. Victor Strange’s library while he politely lectures you on the various problems associated with warping reality.]

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From this video: X

I’ve been wanting to make this a gif since I first saw the video. Finally got around to it. I think it’ll be quite useful as a reaction gif. XD

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[Submitted by: shapeshifter27

For the last time, we ask Loki RESPECTFULLY and POLITELY to revert Ms. Stark back to her original male form. If he does not comply, we will have to use force. Dr. Banner has volunteered to be said force.]